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A handstand course providing a systematic and holistic method for learning the freestanding handstand.

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“I’m a former professional fighter and Swedish champion in Thai boxing. I started training for Henrik and using his training programs two years ago. The gymnastic training has made me more mobile, increased my body awareness and has finally helped me recover from a tough injury in my right shoulder. More importantly the gymnastic training has given me a new passion that works as a substitute from my elite fighting career and that brings joy to my life.”

Ricardo Gonzales, 29

“I discovered gymnastic training about ten years ago and I got stuck in it right away. The physical benefits and joy I have received from it has been through the roof. Three years ago I started working as an instructor for ‘Powerfit’- Gymnastic training for everyone, where I met Henrik. The coaching from Henrik helped me develop the more challenging skills and also got me realizing how small details in my training can make a huge difference in the long run.”

Stefan Maloletkin, 43




We help people develop a strong physical foundation that can improve one’s daily living and be translated into other sport activities.

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Professional gymnastic instructor with over 16 years of experience as a former national team gymnast and swedish champion in Men’s Artistic Gymnastics.

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We offer instructional training programs on challenging gymnastics skills and online private coaching for all practitioners regardless of your current fitness level.

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For the conditioning absolutely no equipment is needed. Recommended is to have a yoga mat for extra comfort. For the handstand program you would like to have access to I wall and a chair (box), and that's it.

Really anyone can hold a handstand despite age, fitness background or height. All you need is the commitment and this course will handle the rest.

The conditioning program takes about 20-50 minutes depending on how many sets you perform. The handstand programs takes around 1 hour each.

If you enlist on this course through Teachable, there are clear instructions for you to follow on the website. The payment gateway is securely encrypted through 128-bit SSL.

Together with Henrik you come up with a priceplan tailored to your specific needs. 

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